ESI RETURN INR - 1,500.00

Employees State Insurance(ESI) is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. ESI REGISTRATION  is mandatory for employers having 10 or more employee. For all employees earning Rs.15,000 or less per month as wages, the employer must contribute 4.75% and employee must contribute 1.75% towards ESI. The ESI fund is managed by the ESI Corporation (ESI) according to rules and regulations stipulated therein the ESI Act 1948, which oversees the provision of medical and cash benefits to the employees and their family through its LARGE network of branch offices, dispensaries and hospitals throughout India. ESI is an autonomous corporation under Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. IndiaFilings can help you obtain ESI registration for your business.

All employers having 10 ore more employees are required to be registered with Employee State Insurance (ESI) Corporation. Those entities having ESI REGISTRATION  must then file ESI returns. ESI returns are due half-yearly. IndiaFilings can help file ESI returns for your business. Our ESI experts can also help you computer ESI payments and maintain ESI regulation compliance for your businesss. Use ReminDue to know more about your due dates for ESI RETURN and ESI payment due date.

ESI stands for Employee's State Insurance a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. ESI provides employees with less than Rs.15,000 Monthly wages health and sickness benefits through a statutory scheme

All those entities that employ more than 10 persons are required to obtain ESI Registration. Entities having ESI registration must efile ESI returns.

Non-compliance with ESI regulation is a serious offence. If an Employer fails to pay any contribution payable under the Act within the prescribed time-limit, he/she may be punishable imprisonment for a term which may extent to three and fine of Ten thousand rupees

At the time of registration, the Employee is required to fill in Form - I andSubmit a family photo in duplicate to the employer, which is in turn submitted by the Employer to the ESI Office. The employee is then allotted an insurance number and issued a temporary identity card for availing medical benefits for him/herself and his/her family. Thereafter, a permanent identity card is issued, which can be used by the employee even after transferring jobs.

ESI returns are due half-yearly. Use Remin Due to know the next ESI return due date and ESI payment due date for your business.

ESI contributions must be made for all employees having a salary of less than Rs.15,000 per month. The employer must contribute 4.75% and employee must contribute 1.75% for ESI.

ESI payments can be made online through net banking facilities.

Employees having 10 or employees have to register for ESI irrespective of the salary of the employees. In case all the Employees employed in the organization have a monthly wages of over Rs.15,000, then the organization would have to file a NIL return.

To register for ESI, the Employer must apply to the concerned Regional Office and obtain an identification number called the Code number. The code number is a 17 digit unique identification number.

Application for registration under ESI along the documents relating to the constitution of the organization (Incorporation Certificate, Partnership Deed, etc.,), proof of commencement of business, list of Partners or Directors, address proof and month-wise employee details. Additional details may be required on a case to case basis.

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