Sales Tax Registration

Sales Tax Registration INR - 15,000.00

All goods sold in the course of inter-state trade are subject to Central Sales Tax (CST). While the tax is levied by the Central Government, it is administered by the State Governments.

Where goods are bought and sold by registered dealers for trading; inputs in the manufacture of other goods; or specified activities (such as mining or telecommunications networks, generation or distribution of power), the rate of CST is 2%, provided a declaration in Form C is issued by the purchasing dealer. In the absence of a declaration in Form C, the applicable rate would be the rate of VAT on such goods in the state of origin. Inter-state procurement on which CST is charged in the originating state is not eligible for input tax credit in the destination state.

It is expected that CST will be phased out before the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India. In the interim, CST will continue to co-exist with state VAT.

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