Service Tax Return

Service Tax Return INR - 1,000.00

If you are a person who provides taxable service on receipt of service charge, then you are liable for paying service charge after recovering the amount from the recipient of taxable service.

However for following positions, the receiver of service is liable for payment of Service Tax:-

1) When taxable service is provided but the service provider doesn’t have any establishment in India.

2) When taxable services is provided by a Goods Transport Agency for transport of goods by road, the person who pays or is liable to pay freight is liable to pay Service Tax , if the consignor or consignee falls under any of the seven categories viz. (a) a factory (b) a company (c) a corporation (d) a society (e) a co-operative society (f) a registered dealer of excisable goods (g) a body corporate or a partnership firm.

3) When taxable services provided by Mutual Fund Distributors in relation to distribution of Mutual Fund the Service Tax is to be paid by the Mutual Fund or the Asset Management Company receiving such service.


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