VAT Return

VAT Return INR - 1,000.00

Post 2005, most Indian states have replaced their State level sales tax with a more progressive and simplified levy in the form of VAT.

Unlike Indian Sales Tax, VAT is an intra-state multi-point tax system and is levied on the value added at each stage. Under the VAT regime, the VAT paid by registered persons on goods (including capital goods) purchased from within the state is available for input tax credit. The input tax credit can be used to offset periodic liability either under VAT or the CST. This ensures that the cascading effect of taxes is avoided and that only the value addition is taxed. VAT Return can be file from place of business i.e, Rakesh have registered his business in kolkata then he can submit return online from kolkata

Currently, there is no VAT on imports into India and exports are zero-rated. This means that while exports are not charged with VAT, VAT charged on inputs purchased and used in the manufacture of export goods or goods purchased for export, is available to the purchaser as a refund.

There is no provision in the law for the refund of VAT to non-registered foreign companies.

Also under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, a foreign company requires prior approval from Reserve Bank of India before commencing or carrying out any business activity “in” India.

State VAT is charged at varying rates. For example: 0%on natural produce and essentials;1% on bullion;4% /5% on industrial inputs; and 20% on alcohol.

Goods other than those covered under the above rates are charged at a general rate ranging from 12.5% to 15%.


 Introduced to replace the Sales Tax, VAT is a multi-point levy on each of the entities in the supply chain with the provision to allow ‘Input tax credit (ITC)’ on tax at an earlier stage, which can be appropriated against the VAT liability on subsequent sale.

VAT Return can be submit from place of business registered. i.e, if business registered in kolkata then submit return under west bengal VAT, If business registered in mumbai then return submit under maharastra vat, if business registered in patna then return submit under bihar VAT, If business registered in hyderabad then submit return under Karnataka VAT, If business registered in Delhi then return submit under Delhi VAT.

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