Direct Taxation

Direct Taxation Services

INR - 1,000.00

Income Tax is a form of Direct Taxation. Every Individuals, who are earning taxable income have the necessary liability to pay their taxes and filing of their income tax return each year with the Income Tax Department. Income Tax return for individua ...

TDS Return
INR - 1,000.00

TDS is one of the modes of collection of taxes, by which a certain percentage of amounts are deducted by a person at the time of making/crediting certain specific nature of payment to the other person and deducted amount is remitted to the Government ...

ITR Bulk Filing
INR - 1,500.00

Income Tax is an annual tax on income of previous year charged in the next assessment year at the tax rates applicable for the relevant assessment year. Filing Income Tax Return Provides legal sanction to your income whether or not you are liable to ...

TAX Refund
INR - 1,000.00

In case of excess deduction of tax at source, claim of refund of such excess TDS can be made by the deductor. The excess amount is refundable as per procedure laid down for refund of TDS. The difference between the actual payment made by the deducto ...

ITR Rectification
INR - 1,000.00

Have you filled your IT Return incorrectly or calculations went awry or there is mistake with any data? If the answer is YES, then sure you are to get an order under section 143(1) of IT Act, 1961.  

Tax credit statement
INR - 150.00

It is a form wherein all tax related information (TDS, TCS, Refund etc) in relation to a PAN is published by the government of India. Information Available with the help of Form 26AS are as follows:- TDS | TDS FOR 15G & 15H | TCS | TAX PAID OTHE ...